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If you’re feeling stuck in your life (or just want to add a dash of FUN), taking a look at starting your own boutique is a GREAT way to empower you and get you into CREATION mode while making PROFITS.

Imagine how much faster your boutique business will grow when you focus on creating a great brand.

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  • Get 5 power packed days of live training and coaching from me, Vicky Blades, Video Coach and professional actress of over 17 years.

Meet Your Coach...

Nice to virtually meet you! My name is Vicky and that's me in the studio  loving LIFE FULLY all because I'm doing the thing I love best - talking!

Do you love meeting new people, making connections and finding things you have in common? 

I do!  I love communicating. Period.

It had always been a dream for me to become a professional actress and it was a huge leap of faith to ditch my job (and my husband!) and save every last penny so I could go to drama school in my early 30's, against the advice of nearly everyone I knew.

"I have to follow this dream so I don't spend my life regretting what might have been". I told myself.

Best. Decision. Ever.  

The first time I set foot on a film set, I knew I had come home.

But having a full time career as an actress is rare and finding a 'second job' is the norm for most of us.  It took a while (years) to find my perfect 'sideline career' as a coach and even with that qualification I wasn't sure where or how to start.

Which is when a distraught mum contacted me about her silent daughter.  Did I know anyone who might help her to speak up?

Um, yeah. Me! That's the moment that transformed my life and led to me launching my business, Generally Speaking, and myself as a Voice and Confidence Coach.

"Vicky, remember how you always wanted to run your own business? How you always dreamed of helping other women feel confident and speak up about themselves and their ideas?".

I felt like my Guardian Angel 

was guiding me.

So I did it and after TONS of trial and error, I realised that what my clients really needed and what I could absolutely help them with, was camera confidence, being their Video Coach to help them connect with their dream clients and increase their income. Now more than ever.

And now it's time for me to be "that guardian angel"
for you.

Dreams can come true.

All you have to do is take  the first step with me.

Join my FREE 5 day challenge and let's GET STARTED!
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